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ID: 1112216156
Name: Marion Alyssa
Alter: 26
Ab: 10.2022
Für: 12 Monate
Deutsch: Grundkenntnisse
Land: Philippinen ID: 1112216110
Name: Ariungerel
Alter: 19
Ab: 04.2022
Für: 12 Monate
Deutsch: Grundkenntnisse
Land: Mongolei ID: 1112216100
Alter: 22
Ab: 08.2022
Für: 12 Monate
Deutsch: Befriedigend
Land: Madagaskar
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Liebes APZ-Team,

wir haben schon einmal gute Erfahrung mit Ihrer Arbeit gemacht, auch mit unserem Au-Pair. So wünschen wir uns eine weitere gute Zusammenarbeit.

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Christiane aus Kamerun

Liebes APZ-Team,

Dear Julia,

I'm very happy to write this letter. Thank you very much for your availability and much care with which you' ve been handling my case. I can't hide from you the fact that I was very surprised that though the long silence I kept last time because of the long procedure it took to get a passport, not only were you patient, but much more you showed you hadn't forgotten me, and that you had me at heart by sending that so lovely card on my birthday. Thank you once more.

I'm very grateful for this occasion offered to me to thank you.

I cannot forget that first day where I had the priviledge to speak with you by phone, and you still keep me in your registers no matter the number of mistakes I made in speaking German - but I can assure you that I am doing a lot of revision, I'm even improving ; and some mistakes that day were more due to some fear.

I seize also this opportunity to thank the whole Aupairzentrale Agency for their concern and availability, not only towards me , but also towards many others like me. And I 'm so grateful for your free of charge services and all that you' ve done for me.

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