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ID: 1112216130
Name: Khadija
Alter: 26
Longtime Au-pair
Ab: 06.2022
Für: 12 months
Deutsch: little
Land: Kenya ID: 1112216127
Name: sheilahWambui
Alter: 26
Longtime Au-pair
Ab: 08.2022
Für: 12 months
Deutsch: sufficient
Land: Kenya ID: 1112216097
Alter: 22
Longtime Au-pair
Ab: 09.2022
Für: 12 months
Deutsch: satisfactory
Land: Madagascar
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Liebes APZ-Team,
ich danke Ihnen für die gute Betreuung und prompte Bearbeitung aller emails auch zwischen den Feiertagen!!

117 Au-pair-Referenzen
Referenz von Au-pair Kseniia Bielieda aus Ukraine
Kseniia Bielieda aus Ukraine

Liebes APZ-Team,

Здравствуйте, Julia Tzouridis и APZ-team,

Спасибо огромное за проявленную и проявляемую заботу и внимание к потенциальным Au-pair и принимающим семьям.

Ваши советы точны, полезны и своевременны. Вы доброжелательны и тактичны.
С вашей помощью многие вопросы становятся яснее и проще, (а иногда даже перестают быть вопросами как таковыми).

У APZ хорошо продуманный сайт, на страницах которого каждый может найти интересующую его информацию. Спасибо, что не забываете.

Хотелось сказать все эти слова гораздо раньше, а главное на немецком, но каждый день открывал перспективы бесконечной дороги к совершенствованию (совершенство холодно и в своём сиянии слишком отдалённо).

На давно приручённом языке слагается уверенней и свободней.


На мой взгляд, всё, что зависит от вас, выполняется замечательно. Но сколько новостей ожидает каждого, уже ступившего на "новую" землю!

Лично мне встретившиеся здесь люди нравятся. Чего не знаю, чего не умею, тому стараюсь учиться. И атмосфера, отмечу, обучению очень спосо

С наилучшими,

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This is how it works for foreign Au-Pairs

In a Few Steps to a German Host Family

You want to work as an Au-pair in a German host family and you have sufficient German language skills, for example, University, private school, private teacher, or preferably A1 from Goethe Institute? We run since 1997, one of the largest and most reputable Au-pair agencies in Munich – Germany and we have many German host parents who are urgently looking for an Au-pair.

You are looking for an agency that will assist you with the formalities and who speaks your language and on which you can rely on one hundred percent. We speak the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Greek, and help you with the questions and problems you have.


Step 1: Registration

Register NOW under:

Therefore please fill in our form IN GERMAN truthfully and as completely as possible. Add some nice and lovely photos (where your face can be seen well - please do not wear sunglasses on a photo) from you and a nice letter to the host family in your profile. When you have completed your registration, you will receive a copy of your profile and your registration information by email.

Step 2: Activation and Release of your Profile

Once we have received your profile, we will review it and if there are no questions of our part unlock it.

Step 3: Find a Family:

Once your account is activated you can log into your site and look for a host family and if you are in the gallery, you can also be found by many host families who are looking for an Au-pair. When you have agreed with a host family, we will send you your documents so you can make an Au-pair visa appointment at the Embassy or if you come from the EU, you can of course come to Germany after consulting your host family.

Have you got any Questions? 

If you have questions, problems and suggestions of any kind, we are happy to assist you under the normal office hours. Just write us an email, call us or contact us via skype or viber. In an emergency, you can also reach us at: +4915112230220 Mrs Blancke oder +491776688500 Mr Tzouridis

Under the FAQ's we have - organized by topic areas - compiled a list of questions and answers for Au-pairs. You can find more questions and answers after your registration in your personal Au-pair area.


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